Every educator has their own weakness in lesson planning. No matter how good and sturdy their lesson plan is, they might still have some weak spot in their lesson plan to be faced. As a future educator, I also have some weaknesses in lesson planning and one of it is I realise that I was the one who really don’t know how to reveal any one of my interesting idea in my lesson plan. This is because I don’t know which one I should start first so that my class during that one moment will be interesting and my students would never be bored in my class. I don’t know how should I manage and run every single thing in a short period of time because I know it is difficult to incorporate all of the activities in one that moment. I’ve been thinking whether I have to start with some of interesting activities to attract my student first or just continue to prioritize the lesson I was prepared in my lesson plan without any interesting activities.

As a future educator, I have to find a ways how to address these weaknesses. I think I would address it with always learn how to manage time well in making a compact lesson plan that full with good and interesting activities so that my students wouldn’t be bored and still could understand my lesson well. Besides, I also have to enhance my strategies and capability of having an interesting idea in lesson planning with always learn from the one who was master about it. I also have to learn how to be confident in managing a time well so that I could teach every of my lesson in interesting way.