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Semester 4 – Multilingualism

Hello everyone. So we are entering my semester 4 here which marks the second here of me doing a degree in TESL in UPSI. Multilingualism is the practice of using more than one language, to varying degrees of proficiency, among individuals and societies. Among the assignments that we did for this course, there is one that struck me the most […]

15 May, 2019 15 May, 2019
Semester 3 – Introduction to Literature

Good morning. This is Introduction to Literature where I learn all the basic information about literature. For example, types of literary texts, literary elements, and literary devices. For this class, there is this one assignment where we have to select one literary figure, choose one his or her famous work and make a critical evaluation on it. Apart from that, […]

14 May, 2019 14 May, 2019
Semester 2 – Writing

Good morning. In semester 2, I had a writing class and I would say it was one of the toughest class. This is because I couldn’t see how to write a lesson plan and visualize it to use in real classroom situations. Therefore, it was quite a challenge for me to write a lesson plan, make sure it has solid […]

14 May, 2019 14 May, 2019
Semester 2 – Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL Course)

Hi everyone. Attached below are several works I did during CALL class. Basically, CALL course is exposing students with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle new and emerging technologies that would be useful in teaching English as a second language. Overall, we learned and created teaching materials using selected computer applications and online tools.

14 May, 2019 14 May, 2019
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