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Semester 8 – KPR3012 Reflection of Practical

This course is basically about us do reflection during our practicum. In the first two weeks, we recap back what we did and problems occurred during practicum. We shared our experiences with classmates and listen to their feedback. Everyone did struggle and faced so many difficulties either from teaching beliefs or methods used in the classroom, students, mentor teacher, other […]

17 June, 2019 17 June, 2019 #Sem8
Semester 8 – English for Specific Purposes

Hi. In this course, I learned about English for Specific Purposes and how different it is compared to General English. It is quite an eye-opening because I didn’t know the existence of ESP and the methodology used to teach any discipline under ESP. For the assignment, my group chose English for Hospitality. We designed lesson plans and incorporate technology, videos […]

17 June, 2019 17 June, 2019
Semester 8 – World Literature

Hi, we are in the last semester now. This is the last minor subject to take and it’s basically what to know and how to analyze world literature. We were given several works of literature such as I’m Truly Sorry, The Killers and Death of a Salesman to look into and analyze it. As for individual assignment, I chose The […]

17 June, 2019 17 June, 2019
Semester 6 – KPD3026

This course is an extension to KPD3016 and we learned more in-depth from this time. We had to do microteaching and macro teaching several times at school. So, I went to a school in Ipoh and had two days of doing microteaching there with Form 4 students. This is a very tough course for me because I wasn’t sure how […]

17 June, 2019 17 June, 2019
Semester 6 – Literature for Young Adults

I am exposed on what is young adult literature, how to choose and ensure that literature work is suitable for young adults, what are the criterion need to follow when evaluating young adult literature, how to create a lesson plan from the chosen young adult literature and many more. We also reviewed certain young adult literature such as The Outsiders […]

17 June, 2019 17 June, 2019
Semester 5 – KPD3016

This course teaches me on how to develop skills of the teaching process; (a) stating teaching and learning objectives, (b) selecting and planning of curricular materials and sequence of lessons; (c) selecting appropriate teaching approach, methods and techniques, (d) preparing the use of appropriate teaching-learning tools and technology; (e) preparing, selecting, and using appropriate tools and methods to assess and evaluate […]

17 June, 2019 17 June, 2019
Semester 5 – Materials Development Class

Hi everyone. Entering the third year of the degree, I will say the third year is the hardest phase of the degree in my life. Everything about the third year just screams more assignments, pressures, and problems I have to face and go through. But it was all worth it in the end. I got the highest GPA from Sem […]

16 June, 2019 16 June, 2019
Semester 5 – Critical Appreciation to Drama

This is a minor course – literature focusing on drama. We discussed on few dramas such as Oedipus, Virginia Woolf, A Doll’s House, and Macbeth. We also had a chance to do play on Macbeth and it was an assignment. Thank god the play went smoothly, it was a full hall, the crowd enjoyed the play and it was a […]

16 June, 2019 16 June, 2019
Semester 5 – Reflections in ESL Classrooms

In this course, I learned the skills and attitudes that are needed to help me become reflective and autonomous English as a Second Language (ESL) practitioners. It serves as a platform for me to discuss with lecturer and classmates on practical classroom problems, refine teaching techniques and explore alternative strategies and ideas. I enjoy the class although it was a […]

16 June, 2019 16 June, 2019
Semester 4 – Novels and Short Stories

Hi. This is for Novels and Short Stories in English by both western and non-western authors. It is designed to equip students with the ability to identify the literary elements in novels and short stories and to develop their ability to critically analyse both genres in English. I studied Dreams of Dreamers by Adele Geras, Her by Titis Basino, Heroes […]

15 May, 2019 15 May, 2019
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