Semester 8 – KPR3012 Reflection of Practical

This course is basically about us do reflection during our practicum. In the first two weeks, we recap back what we did and problems occurred during practicum. We shared our experiences with classmates and listen to their feedback. Everyone did struggle and faced so many difficulties either from teaching beliefs or methods used in the classroom, students, mentor teacher, other teachers and seniors, supervisor, financial or emotional issues. Everyone just had it differently. I will say this course is very crucial and it should not be taken for granted. You have to be sincere to share and receive feedback, listen attentively and really reflect whatever you faced during practicum and make changes to it. This course is everything for me and I can see myself growth from this course. The list down below is what I did under this course.

  1. Group Works – From all problems that our group faced during practicum, we come out with a solution and the solution is Differentiated Instruction; Get Late.
  2. Assignment 1 – Revised Lesson Plan (I have to identify main problems occurred from a lesson plan and redesigned it).
  3. Assignment 2 – Article Action Research (We write an article from our action research).
  4. Assignment 3 – Poke-A-Dot (an innovation from the problems that my group faced during practicum. Here’s a link if you want to see all the materials we created for Poke-A-Dot:

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