Semester 6 - KPD3026

This course is an extension to KPD3016 and we learned more in-depth from this time. We had to do microteaching and macro teaching several times at school. So, I went to a school in Ipoh and had two days of doing microteaching there with Form 4 students. This is a very tough course for me because I wasn’t sure how to act, behave and sound like a teacher. However, I learned a lot from lecturer and classmates’ feedback each time I did microteaching so that feedbacks was definitely helpful.

  1. How I See Myself as A Teacher
  2. Compilation of Microteaching Report
  3. Compilation of Reflective Entries as Observant
  4. Macro teaching Report
  5. Action Research Proposal


Links below are some microteaching and macro teaching I did.

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