Semester 5 – Materials Development Class

Hi everyone. Entering the third year of the degree, I will say the third year is the hardest phase of the degree in my life. Everything about the third year just screams more assignments, pressures, and problems I have to face and go through. But it was all worth it in the end. I got the highest GPA from Sem 5 and 6 so that shows a lot how much I worked hard for the third year. Anyway, enough rambling. So, we learned about how to create, design, adapt and all sort of things we can do for teaching materials. All this time, we thought teaching materials should always be designed from scratch and must be new. However, that’s not the case. We can make use anything that is possible for teaching but with a few adjustments. So, that’s what we learned from this course. I will list out the assignments and the materials we came out with down here.

  1. In-class tasks (adapted materials from a library receipt): Brochure & Library Task
  2. Assignment 2 (design a compilation of activities for reading skill): Assignment 2 PDF
  3. Assignment 3 (a series of self-designed or adapted materials): Cair Paravel PDF. We are inspired by the Narnia movie and design a board game for a literature lesson. You can see our materials based on the pictures below. It is group work. We also had an exhibition to display our works. We had lecturers and students from Indonesia as our guests. It was fun.

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