Semester 5 - KPD3016

This course teaches me on how to develop skills of the teaching process; (a) stating teaching and learning objectives, (b) selecting and planning of curricular materials and sequence of lessons; (c) selecting appropriate teaching approach, methods and techniques, (d) preparing the use of appropriate teaching-learning tools and technology; (e) preparing, selecting, and using appropriate tools and methods to assess and evaluate learning outcomes. Apart from that, I also learned how to design and understand the scheme of work, what is formative and summative assessment and how to carry out myself as a teacher. This is the course that opened my eyes, mind, and soul to start accepting the fact that I am an English language trainee teacher and starting to embrace that fact. Consequently, I’m loving this course although it was tough. The list down below is some of the assignments I have done individually and group work.

  1. Individual assignment:
  • ROS Report
  • Media Kit
  1. Group work AOC Purple:
  • Wordcloud
  • Scheme of Work
  • Table of Specification, English Test Paper, and Answer Scheme

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