Semester 4 - Multilingualism

Hello everyone. So we are entering my semester 4 here which marks the second here of me doing a degree in TESL in UPSI. Multilingualism is the practice of using more than one language, to varying degrees of proficiency, among individuals and societies. Among the assignments that we did for this course, there is one that struck me the most which is assignment 3. We are required to select a story and make a revised version of it with relations to the current challenges in Malaysia. Apart from that, we have to record our revised version of the selected story and provide a rationale for the changes. Our selected story is Snow White. We made a revised version from the Evil Queen’s point of view, recorded it around Tg Malim area and uploaded it on YouTube. The attached link below is the revised version of Snow White video: (it is very silly, I know hiks cringe alert)

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