KPD3026 -AT06’s Docs MACROTEACHING 2 Reflection Macro teaching 2 (10 April 2018)

I got a chance to teach a two period class (60 minutes) today. I tried to teach about the letter of complaint and gave them some useful phrases for the complaint letter. I asked them to get in groups and write the first paragraph of a complaint letter. However, they did not move and keep asking their friends what they should do.

I realised that it happened because of my unclear instructions. I stuttered a lot in the class today. Thus, by giving out a lengthy instruction plus my stutters, they become puzzled.

Today, I have learned that I have to control my nervousness when I am standing in front of the students. My nervousness made me stuttered a lot so I looked like an indecisive teacher. I should also work more on my instructions giving techniques.

Sowell (2017) stated that the instructions must be concise. Teachers should also consider any additional input that may assist students’ understanding of the instructions. In addition, teachers are not supposed to distribute any worksheets before giving the instructions. This is because the students will focus more on the materials rather than listening to the instructions. So, next time, I should make sure my instructions are concise and try harder to avoid stuttering.







Sowell, J. (2017). Good Instruction- Giving in the Second Language Classroom. Retrieved April 10, 2018, from

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