In planning a lesson, I noticed myself has few weaknesses which are also making my confidence level in teaching decrease. One of my weaknesses, I cannot think and give out an interesting or attractive idea in induction set. I may take time to produce the interesting content in order to attract the students. Other than that, I am also having a problem in setting and managing the time while planning a lesson.

Time is an important thing to alert in lesson planning just to make sure that my students get the topic. Content and time should move together and I do have a problem in putting the content in certain time. In my opinion, there is a way that I can apply to overcome my weakness such as I must know about the ability of each student so that the time can be managed well and following the content well.

Next, my weakness in planning a lesson is like what tools should I use and how it should be used in presenting the topic to the students. I always lack of idea, cannot think widely or out of the box. My idea may be in a moderate level and not in high one to attract the students’ attention. As a solution, I have to leran how to use variety of tools that are suitable to use in each topic such as model (for Physical Geography), globe (to show map/place), and video (to show process).  

In addition, I also cannot adapt myself with naughty students so it can also affect my lesson planning as I know that few students will not interesting in my lesson. As I said, I am lack of ideas in making my lesson more interesting among the students. I am also bad in explaining a topic as my friends have been saying that they cannot understand me well.  I think I should read and explore more about the activities that can be done in class and comfort the students. Other than that, I can enter few classes with Geography session so that I can learn and look how the teacher teachs his/her students. I also have to learn from both my parents as they were a teacher on how to teach and what kind of activities that are suitable for each topic. I am also looking forward to receive my high level of confidence with the lecturer’s guidance.